Precision Highway Contractors, Inc.

Precision Highway Contractors, Inc. was founded in in 2010 by Kari Dvorak, President, and Michael Dvorak, Secretary Treasurer.

Pilot Car Service

highway guardrail - Pilot Car Service

We offer the Best Pilot Car Service in Montana!

Precision Highway Contractors, Inc, Located in Billings, MT is dedicated to the safe and successful delivery of your oversized load by providing dependable equipment and certified, experienced drivers with our Pilot Car Service. Our vehicles are equipped with high poles and offer route survey service in Montana and across the country. Fully insured with $1,000,000.00 coverage as required for interstate service, plus an additional $500,000.00 Marine Transport Bond. Have a flat? No problem, our trucks carry air compressors and the tools necessary to get you up and running with minimum downtime. With members of the Pilot Car Operators Guild located throughout the United States, we’re available when and where you need us!

For More Information or to Request Pilot Car Service Call Us Toll Free at (406) 839-9799

To escort your load to its destination safely and on-time is our Highest Priority. To accomplish this we provide fully equipped, dependable vehicles that are cleaned and maintained after each trip. All vehicles are fully licensed and insured with the standard $1,000,000 coverage. Our drivers are fully trained over the road with excellent driving records, Certified across the United States and Canada, experienced, and dependable. With citizen band radios, both mounted and hand held, cell phones, mobile fax equipment and commercial radios available, we are always in communication with your driver and emergency services.

Our company drivers have aquired several years of experience in the heavy haul industry as OTR drivers with excellent driving records. As drivers for Trucking Companies like Arrow Transport, Sunbelt Freight and Texas Truck Lines heavy haul division, We understand the logistics involved with your move, and with knowledge of Dot rules and regulations, we can help you avoid costly fines and downtime. Many of the members of the Pilot Car Operators Guild are experienced OTR drivers as well. You don’t have to be an experienced heavy haul driver to operate a pilot car, but we believe it helps.

Precision Highway Contractors, Inc. are equipped with high poles, GPS routing and navigation systems and all required equipment and insurance. With air compressors and tools needed to provide air or change your tires, your downtime is minimal. We also use the Pilot Car Service Operators Guild with drivers across the Country to provide vehicles when you need us, where you need us. Guild members are verified for certifications and vehicle insurance before being accepted, and most have experience in the heavy haul industry as drivers. When you need an escort NOW and we don’t have one available in the area, we will help you find the most qualified one available, Whether they are in the Guild or not.

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