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Precision Highway Contractors, Inc. was founded in in 2010 by Kari Dvorak, President, and Michael Dvorak, Secretary Treasurer.

Precision Highway Contractors, Inc. was founded in in 2010 by Kari Dvorak, President, and Michael Dvorak, Secretary Treasurer.  While the company itself is 14 years old, it was created on a foundation of nearly 40 years of combined experience.  Founded during one of the worst economic recessions the United State had experienced, our mission was established and has not changed – deliver the highest quality craftsmanship and service in the industry.  Precision Highway Contractors, Inc. is a certified DBE contractor, being owned in majority by a minority female, Kari Dvorak.

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With Michael Dvorak’s extensive background in this industry, Precision Highway Contractors quickly earned the attention and notoriety of the larger contractors around the State.  This lead to instant growth and expansion, which continues on to this day.  Our initial 5 year growth plan was met in the first 2 years of being in business.  This is in large part due to the professional relationships and reputations previously established in the industry by Michael Dvorak.  Their wisdom, ethics, integrity and knowledge is second to none.

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We have instilled energy and enthusiasm in ourselves as well as our employees.  We try to go above and beyond the norm to show the contractors we can deliver on our word and provide them with the industry best products and services available.  With our structured safety program, we have successfully accomplished this while maintaining tens of thousands of injury free working hours.  As a direct result of these efforts, approximately 95% of all of our current contracts are from repeat contractors.

In construction season 2015 we completed a project located in Malta, Montana with Wickens Construction.  The project was originally slated to take two years to complete.  Collaboratively with Wickens and the other subcontractors that project was completed in less than one year and won the honor of “Project of the Year” from Montana Department of Transportation.  Other notable that contracts we have had are the first two phases of the Bench Boulevard rehab in Billings, Montana, the by-pass and new bridge construction south of Laurel and the completion the last phase of what was once a dirt road from Ekalaka to Alzada, Montana.

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Precision Highway Contractor’s portfolio is quite diverse ranging from private projects for guardrail or signing to high profile complete road reconstructs.  We continually look for ways to grow and expand while remaining conscientious of our area of expertise and cautious to not outgrow such.  With this in mind, we are expanding into the State of Wyoming and other neighboring states to pursue highway projects there.  With our DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) certification, Wyoming Department of Transportation has presented new opportunities for us to capitalize on.

Precision Highway Contractors, Inc. has worked hard to be known as  the best contractor for guardrail, signing and traffic control in our area.  That has been our mission from the beginning and will always remain as such.  We will always remember our grass roots and where we came from while focusing on the future.

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