Precision Highway Contractors, Inc.

Precision Highway Contractors, Inc. was founded in in 2010 by Kari Dvorak, President, and Michael Dvorak, Secretary Treasurer.

Highway Guardrail Systems

highway guardrail - Highway Guardrail

We offer the Best Highway Guardrail Services in Montana!

Precision Highway Contractors, Inc, Located in Billings, MT is dedicated to the safe and successful delivery of your oversized load by providing dependable equipment and certified, experienced drivers. Our vehicles are equipped with high poles and offer route survey service in Montana and across the country. Fully insured with $1,000,000.00 coverage as required for interstate service, plus an additional $500,000.00 Marine Transport Bond. Have a flat? No problem, our trucks carry air compressors and the tools necessary to get you up and running with minimum downtime. With members of the Pilot Car Operators Guild located throughout the United States, we’re available when and where you need us!

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Precision Highway Contractors is a professional manufacturer of highway guardrail in Montana. Precision carries a large inventory of standard Class A 12 Gauge Highway Guardrail components including W-Beams,  Galvanized Steel Posts, Curly Ends, Flared Ends and associated Hardware.  Precision’s standard highway guardrail products are always in stock and ready to ship. Precision can also provide custom fabrication or provide you a quote on any custom application.

What Makes Us A Leader

  • High Quality Material
  • Standard Sizes In Stock And Ready to Ship
  • Custom Fabrications Available
  • Strict Quality Management
  • Various Applications – roadways, highways, parking lots, dead-end streets, etc.

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